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The New York State Police Investigators Association

The New York State Police Investigators Association (NYSPIA) is comprised of 1200 active members. NYSPIA represents Senior Investigators and Investigators within the Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the New York State Police. NYSPIA's Board of Directors is comprised of an Executive Board (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer) along with 10 Troop Delegates.

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National Law Enforcement Museum

Get the real, behind-the-scenes law enforcement experience at the largest, most comprehensive museum representing all aspects of American law enforcement.

Union Plus

You work hard, and at Union Plus, we work hard for you. Since 1986, we’ve been supporting union members and their families through life’s celebrations, hardships, and everything in between.

NYSPIA Surgeons Group

The Official Professional Medical Organization of the New York State Police Investigators Association.

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