The New York State Police Investigators Association (NYSPIA) was established in 1994 and represents Senior Investigators and Investigators within the Bureau of Criminal Investigations of the New York State Police. Established in 1935, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, or BCI, is the plainclothes detective branch of the New York State Police, with over 1,000 investigative personnel in its ranks.

In addition to conducting investigations initiated by the NYSP, BCI investigators regularly assist local and county law enforcement agencies that lack the investigative resources needed for major crime investigations. NYSPIA is comprised of over 1200 active and 1500 retired members. A key component of NYSPIA is that its Board of Directors are voted upon by the membership and any member in good standing is eligible to run for the Executive Board or Troop Delegate positions. The Troop Delegates are responsible for the day-to-day representation of their troop members. Troop Delegates assist their members with representation during any administrative investigation, disciplinary actions or critical incidents.

For over 25 years, NYSPIA has represented the members of the BCI in their unique needs within the division of the New York State Police. The union works hard to protect its members and its focus is on seeking fair wages and benefits for members, insurance and benefits for retirees, representing members in investigations and working as an organization to affect positive change and promote legislature that supports law enforcement.