Statement from NYSPIA regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo

For Immediate Release
August 9, 2021

Albany NY — The New York State Police Investigators Association (NYSPIA) call on Governor Cuomo to immediately resign, and demand a public apology for his unprofessional and inappropriate actions.

As law enforcement professionals charged with investigating serious crimes in New York State, some of NYSPIA’s members are also responsible for providing protective detail for the Governor. Having to continue to protect the Governor under the current circumstances puts our members in an extremely difficult position. We request that management of the Governor’s detail be immediately transferred to the Division of State Police. This situation clearly demonstrates that the Governor’s control of all aspects of who serves on his protective detail leads to opportunities for impropriety.

Lastly, we request that the victims of the Governor’s abuse and bullying be afforded privacy. Victims of sexual abuse and harassment do not need to be further victimized by people seeking to expose their identities. The Governor’s legal team has made it clear that it seeks to vilify and attack the brave women who have come forward to expose his reprehensible behavior. The legal team is an extension of the bullying and aggressive behavior that has been a hallmark of the Cuomo administration. Victims deserve to have their privacy protected from members of the Executive Chamber, their legal team, and media, while the Legislature and legal system consider how to address the allegations in court.